Earth Day at Cookery School

Here at Cookery School, sustainability is not just a buzzword but has always been part of our ethos, even prior to the advent of wonderful organisations like the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and Sustainable Fish City who push us to do even more. We are proud to be the only London cookery school with the maximum three stars from the SRA.

Facts about Cookery School

  • Over 75% of our ingredients is
    sourced locally.
  • More than 75% of our fresh
    produce is organic, including all of our meat, poultry, eggs, root vegetables, fruit and wine.
  • We have switched to using
    renewable energy (Good Energy) which comes from local, natural sources like Cornish sunshine, Scottish wind and Welsh rain. 
  • We have very little food waste as we do not over-order food, but the small amount that we do produce is recycled into electricity or fertiliser. We recycle all of our oil.
  • We avoid plastic at all cost, opting for metal and glass containers, and use recycled foil. 99% of our supplies arrive in
    glass or tins, in line with our ‘no plastics’ policy and there’s no cling film
    in our kitchens. Instead of cling film we put leftovers in bowls and cover with a plate. 

Here are a few ideas of how you too can be more sustainable at home:

  • Eat a little less meat
  • Eat well sourced fish
  • Buy local and seasonal
  • Buy straight from the farmer
  • Save the soil and buy organic
  • Recycle and reuse

Happy Earth Day!