Latest News – 2nd Lockdown November 2020

Having re-opened on 1 September after making our Little Portland Street kitchens as covid-secure as possible, we were able to run courses and classes and were constantly told by students that once they entered our kitchens, they felt safe and were surprised how they relaxed and enjoyed cooking with us. With the safety of everyone at Cookery School being of paramount importance, those messages have been like music to our ears!

With this new lockdown which begins from Thursday 5th November, personalised rebook vouchers will again be emailed to everyone that has booked a course or class with us that is now having to be postponed (as with the first lockdown). We are hoping that the kitchens will reopen again in early December and we can start where we have just left off.

For those of you who have not yet manged to redeem your rebook vouchers, they currently have an expiry date of  1 December 2021.  If this lockdown is extended, we will simply extend the expiry date again.

We are in the throes of adding more interactive online classes so please do check these out.  We have been doing a limited number of these since the first lockdown and our Friday Night Food series have proved to be very popular with people from around the world joining them.  The food cooked during the class is then eaten for Friday night dinner.

We are also continuing to run online corporate events. If you would like to book please take a look at the range we offer from fun team building exercises to entertaining Christmas parties.

Like all others in the hospitality/leisure/education areas, we have been very badly affected by Covid-19 and we would like to thank you all for your loyalty, patience and understanding in supporting us through this difficult time.

Cookery School looks forward to welcoming you to Little Portland Street again soon, where we will continue sharing our love of food and great home cooking, along with our sustainability messages. To keep up to date with our latest news, be sure to sign up to our newsletter here.

Please continue to keep safe and well.

Rosalind and the Cookery School team

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