Latest News – 3rd Lockdown December 2020

With the third lockdown this year, news of the new variant of the coronavirus and Matt Hancock warning that Tier 4 restrictions may be in place for another couple of months, we regret that we are going to have to cancel all classes and courses that are scheduled for January 2021.

We are so sorry about this as was the last thing that we wished to do. We are currently preparing personalised rebook codes for everyone that has a booking and these will be sent out in the next few days.  The expiry date on them will be April 2022 allowing plenty of time to book your class/course again.  Should lockdown continue for longer than expected, we will extend the expiry date yet again.

For those of you who have not yet managed to redeem your Cookery School vouchers, they too currently have an expiry date of  1 April 2021.

During this time of lockdown we have seen that so many people are keen to learn to cook, so we intend putting even more classes online. Please do visit our website to check these out our new interactive online classes.   Our first online course is our original Beginner’s Course that proved to be so popular for so many years.

Whilst it is a treat doing a real, live class at Cookery School, over lockdown we have noticed the benefits too of being in your own kitchen, using your own appliances and implements and, after your class, sharing what you have cooked with your family.  Our Friday Night Food series has people from around the world joining and these are steadily growing in size with regulars enjoying meeting one another online and cooking together.

The sound of cooking activity from a range of different kitchens in different locations is an exciting new experience for us but lets us know that people are happily learning alongside our tutors. We love the photos and comments that we are increasingly receiving from these classes, which shows that the Cookery School ethos translates well into digital classes.

We are also continuing to run online corporate events. Over the past months we have run numerous fun team building exercises. With everyone working from home, these serve to bring teams together instead of being isolated at home.  The appearance of small children and babies from time to time, certainly adds an element of unpredictability to these sessions!

When we do return to our Little Portland Street kitchens, you will be relieved to know that they are as Covid-secure as possible.  We were constantly told by students that on entering our kitchens, that they felt safe and were surprised how they relaxed and enjoyable their classes were. With the safety of everyone at Cookery School being of paramount importance, those messages have been like music to our ears!

Like all others in the hospitality/leisure/education areas, we have been very badly affected by Covid-19 and we would like to thank you all for your loyalty, patience and understanding in supporting us through this difficult time.

Cookery School looks forward to welcoming you to Little Portland Street again soon, where we will continue sharing our love of food and great home cooking, along with our sustainability messages. To keep up to date with our latest news, be sure to sign up to our newsletter here.

Please continue to keep safe and well.

Rosalind and the Cookery School team