End of lockdown in sight for us mid May. Hurrah!

We are more than thrilled that we can, at long last, plan for the reopening  of Cookery School. Fortuitously it happens in the middle of asparagus season which heralds the fact that summer is on the way too! Hopefully with warmer days we will see the waning of the covid-19 virus and its variants.

If you have a rebook code sent during the various lockdowns, when we had to postpone classes, please use this to rebook your class/course again. Our website has been updated so that there is a wide choice of dates on most classes and courses. 

For those of you who have not yet managed to redeem your Cookery School vouchers, they too currently have an expiry date of  1 April 2022.  They can be used on any classes of choice.

During the various lockdowns many people were keen to learn to cook, so we held regular online classes.  Despite lockdown ending, some people are still reticent about travelling into Central London so these classes will be ongoing alongside regular live ones held in our Little Portland Street kitchens.  Please do visit our website to check out our interactive online classes. The sound of cooking activity from a range of different kitchens in different locations is an exciting new experience for us but lets us know that people are happily learning alongside our tutors. We love the photos and comments that we are increasingly receiving from these classes, which shows that the Cookery School ethos translates well into digital classes.

We are also continuing to run online corporate events but are looking forward hugely to being able to offer these too from our kitchens from mid May. Please do contact us at info@cookeryschool.co.uk if you would like to discuss us hosting an event for your team on your return to work again.  Cooking a meal together and then eating it around the Cookery School table is a great way of celebrating the return to some form of normality.

When we do return to our Little Portland Street kitchens in May, you will be relieved to know that they are as Covid-secure as possible.  We took the view that this pandemic was here to stay for a good while, so last September, after the first lockdown, invested in technology that enhances the ventilation in our kitchens.  We were constantly told by students that on entering our kitchens, that they felt safe and were surprised how they relaxed and enjoyable their classes were. With the safety of everyone at Cookery School being of paramount importance, those messages have been like music to our ears!

Although we have said it before, we would again like to thank  you all for your loyalty, patience and understanding in supporting us through this difficult time.  We are so grateful to those that have stuck with us and helped us to survive through the most difficult of times for the hospitality and leisure industry.

Cookery School looks forward to welcoming you to Little Portland Street again soon, where we will continue sharing our love of food and great home cooking, along with our sustainability messages. To keep up to date with our latest news, be sure to sign up to our newsletter here.

Please continue to keep safe and well.

Rosalind and the Cookery School team