Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Since the arrival of the pandemic we have been working towards making the kitchens as Covid-19 safe as we can for our reopening on the 1st September 2020.

We ask everyone coming to Cookery School to advise us if you have had a high temperature, developed Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with a person with Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days. If this is the case we will be happy to offer you a new class/course at a later date.

Safety in protecting everyone against Covid-19 is of primary importance. Anyone coming into the kitchens will have to be 100% compliant with our procedures. If they are not, we will have the right to ask them to leave the premises immediately as we cannot compromise the health of others at any time.

Please see below the precautions in place at Cookery School:

On Arrival

• Temperatures of everyone, including Cookery School staff, will be taken on arrival and carefully recorded.
• On entry everyone will be required to use an alcohol rub on their hands.
• Contact details will be checked for the NHS Test and Trace service.
• Everyone will need to keep their outdoor clothing in a bag so that no clothing exposed within cookery school. Covid-19 can be found on clothing. This will minimise that risk.
• We have lockers for safe keeping of your possessions. Lockers will be disinfected after use each session.
• Before starting to cook everyone will be asked to wash their hands.

During Class

• Everyone will be asked to use a face mask unless for some reason they are unable to do so and a visor if possible too.
• Masks will be provided free of charge to anyone that wishes to use a mask as an additional precautionary measure.
• Ultraviolet units will be installed, which attract and destroy viruses and bacteria in the air. After each class these units will sterilise the kitchens. No one can be within the kitchen when this cycle is running.
• During each class we will take a break and everyone will leave the kitchen for fresh air. This will allow us to sterilise the kitchens during classes and to wipe down and disinfect working areas.
• We will ask everyone to wash their hands regularly with soap and water to again limit the spread of any viruses and bacteria.
• Surfaces will be wiped down regularly with correct cleaning fluids, by our staff. They are going to be trained in a new cleaning regime.
• Between classes a complete cleaning procedure will be followed using Delphis Eco products, including an antiseptic cleaning fluid (known to kill viruses and bacteria). The ultraviolet sterilisation cycle will run too.
• Infrared technology will operate all taps so that no one will need to touch these.
• Infrared technology will operate all soap dispensers and alcohol hand cleaner dispensers.
• Everyone will be provided with disposable biodegradable aprons and gloves.
• When anyone goes to the toilet, they will bin the biodegradable apron that they are wearing and we will provide them with a fresh one as we cannot have used aprons hanging up against the walls where other aprons may be hung too as this could cause contamination.
• Anyone using toilets will be asked to flush with the seat down as that limits the spread of air borne viruses in the toilet. After using the toilet, please wipe down the toilet seat with a disposable wipe and likewise the toilet handle.
• When leaving the toilet please wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Paper towels are available for wiping hands and bins, that are regularly emptied, must have paper towels deposited in them. Bins are all foot operated.
• Screens will separate people working at the same work station (two people maximum) set 1 metre apart from the next work station.
• We are requesting that anyone that wants to wear a visor when visiting cookery school do so. We will be able to sell visors for anyone wishing to wear one at the same cost as we pay for them. (This does not apply in the case of Cook’s Certificate students who are with us full time for six weeks, who will be given visors).
• We envisage the only time that you will be close to one another is when you are at the hobs cooking. You will be protected with gloves, visors, masks, etc.
• Professional courses only – a fresh change of whites will be required daily – these are to be provided by students themselves. It is essential that whites are washed daily so that worn whites are not reused in the kitchen.
• We have, since our inception, had a tasting regime that others have ridiculed because we allow only one taste with one spoon and then that spoon is put into a ‘used spoon’ bowl so as not to be confused with other equipment. We have loads of spoons so never shortage of tasting spoons. These tasting spoons are regularly washed and then clean bowls of spoons put out again.
• We will have a source of clean air through the kitchens, as recommended for all internal use. This will be provided by fans in spaces where air stands still.
• Our staff are trained in all our safety practices and precautions and will competently follow all procedures. We have a new risk assessment for Covid-19 in place.
• Our back of house staff will provide students with the required ingredients, equipment, etc. In classes, to reduce contamination.
• Lunch will be shortened and socially distanced with all students eating individually at their work stations.
• We ask students to bring in their own containers and refrigeration bags with freezer blocks to take their food home to enjoy there. Cookery School is not responsible for what happens to food once it leaves our premises. Usually food made is consumed at the school but this new measure aims to avoids having to eat together as well as avoiding the contamination of food. In the case of breads, cakes and pastries, we supply cake boxes in which to carry these items home.

We have been speaking to experts in the field of kitchen hygiene, air flow, the public health team at Westminster Council  and others and are continually learning of new practices that we can put in place to ensure maximum safety for all.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact us before booking or joining us for a class or course.