Corporate Chocolate Masterclass

Discover our Corporate Chocolate Masterclass at Cookery School at Little Portland Street.

Corporate Chocolate Masterclass

When Cookery School started twenty years ago, a youthful aspiring chocolatier, Paul A Young, who had just left working as Head Pâtissier for Marco Pierre White, with ambitions to start a first rate chocolate business, joined us running our chocolate making classes.  The rest is history as Paul established himself a chocolatier par excellence with a now very distinguished career and many awards to bear this out.

Corporate Chocolate Masterclass

We are more than delighted that Paul has agreed to offer corporate chocolate making sessions at Cookery School.  It is wonderful to be able to hark back to those heady early days of almost twenty years and realise that neither Paul nor Cookery School at Little Portland Street have lost their shared passion for providing the best possible learning experiences, using great sustainable ingredients. Best of all is the fact that we still share our determination to make our classes as exciting and memorable as possible.

Corporate Chocolate Masterclass

In our new corporate chocolate masterclass you will learn a raft of new and valuable skills.

*   The class will run for 6 hours starting at 9.00am and ending at 3.00pm with a break for a savoury lunch with accompanying wines at lunch time.

*   On arrival a light breakfast will be provided as well as the best ever hot chocolate

*   The day will start with a tutored chocolate tasting as the only way to discover quality differences is to taste them.  You will taste freshly roasted fine cacao beans, 100% cacao liquor followed by decreasing percentages of fine dark, milk and white chocolate of different brands. You will also sample some familiar chocolate and confectionary to demonstrate the quality and taste differences between fine and mass produced chocolate.

*   You will discover the equipment and materials needed to create stunning hand rolled and moulded chocolates as well as learning about flavour pairing. You will learn the basics of pairing/marrying different flavours with the right origin and bean varieties of chocolate.

*   You will be mastering ganache and caramel making and learn:
•   Water ganache – dairy and allergen free
•   Cream ganache – traditional luxurious creamy ganache
•   How to flavour cream and water ganaches with essential oils, spices, herbs and alcohol
•   Sea salted caramel – the ultimate favourite
•   Chocolate caramel – time for your creativity to shine by applying flavour and texture to your caramel

*   You will then learn how to form perfect hand rolled cocoa dusted truffles.

*   Tempering is the process used to recrystallise chocolate to give it strength, stability, snap and a high shine. You will learn marble slab and seeding tempering.

*   Shelling and coating are important tools for making vibrant and professional looking chocolate and you will learn :
•   How to apply decoration into chocolate moulds pre shelling
•   How to create perfectly thin shells to fill and how to hand enrobe chocolate truffles.
•   Inclusion enrobing and flavoured enrobing techniques

*   Additionally you will be taught filling, layering and inclusions where you will fill and layer ganache and caramels into your shells as well as adding crunchy inclusions and texture.

*   With tempering mastered, you will learn how to mould the perfect chocolate bar, add inclusions for flavour and texture.

*   Decoration techniques bring your chocolates to life with hand applied decoration, master the skills of piping, painting, dusting and tumbling decoration.

*  Finally, you will learn how to present and pack your hand made chocolates.

For a shorter corporate event please ask us about our chocolate bar making challenge.  We can supply details.  You will not become an expert chocolate maker but you are guaranteed pure fun.

To make an enquiry and reserve dates for your company visit our chocolate corporate page or call 020 7631 4590 or email

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