Day One on the Cook’s Certificate Course by Will P.

I was extremely excited and a little bit nervous about starting this 6 week intensive cooking course; having looked at the syllabus of what will be covered I was amazed at how much I would learn in the coming weeks. I don’t have plans on becoming a professional chef, I just thought doing the course would be time very well spent as it would equip me with cooking skills I would have for the rest of my life. I already completed two day courses previously, also held at Cookery School – Meat and Poultry and Fish and Shellfish; both were incredible; not only were they great fun, but I left each of them so full up that I felt like I only feel after Christmas lunch.

Day one of the course started with a quick lesson on scone making, when they came out of the oven the room filled with the lovely aroma of fresh scones and we proceeded to eat them with some very tasty Quince Jam, homemade of course.


Next up, the core of the days learnings would begin, with the first day focussing on salads. We were briefed on what we would all need to do, with very clearly laid out instructions, with all the ingredients prepared and measured so all we really needed to do was some chopping and cooking. We made an amazing selection of salads, learnt various chopping techniques and why it’s so important to use fresh ingredients, among heaps of other useful information. My favourite salad was the potato salad, made with capers, gherkins, a delicious aioli and a really great dressing. It felt like we had learnt enough to give us a lot of freedom to make up our own salads and get creative with using different ingredients.


I can’t wait for day two to begin, during which time we will learn soups and stews.