Cookery School suppliers

We are still excited by our most sustainable cookery school award.  Being runner up with such illustrious competitors as Daylesford Organic and River Cottage is an honour.  As we are in the middle of London with heavy traffic pollution and surrounded by buildings rather than fields with grazing cattle and clucking poultry, our suppliers are more important than ever.  Recycling is imperative as we have little room for storage so First Mile have aided us in this. We enjoy a daily collection of recycled food that goes into making electricity and fertiliser.  Over the past year we have recycled the equivalent of 3,625kgs.

Using Good Energy has helped define the way that we think about energy use and those working in our kitchens have had to be taught to turn ovens only just before they are required rather than on arrival in the kitchen.  They turn them off as soon as they have been used too nowadays.  It is good to know that we are using energy from renewable energy sources – if only we could generate our own, we would love that!              

A major challenge for us was moving to Delphis Cleaning Products as they are far more diluted than products that we were accustomed too. Instead of using scented and toxic cleaners, theirs are derived from sustainable resources, rather than the petro-chemical derivatives found in conventional cleaning products. 

A huge thank you to all of them for helping us achieve this wonderful award! 


Supplier Spotlight