The Cookery School Handbook is out now!

We’re so excited to have launched our Cookery School Handbook produced and written by our principal, Rosalind Rathouse.

With eleven chapters and not a photograph throughout, the new Cookery School Handbook has been produced with true cooks in mind.  It is not designed as a coffee table book but instead hails recipes which convey key methods for original cooking including chapters on sauces, soups, baking, pastry, Sunday roasts amongst others. Whether a beginner or a professional, the recipes are suitable for all levels.

The Cookery School Handbook is intended to be a manual coveted for life, sitting in the heart of the kitchen becoming the fail-safe help for all keen cooks. In time it will become splattered with food but it will be the go-to kitchen help you will not want to lose sight of.

At the heart of Rosalind’s philosophy, prior to producing the book, was to write a ‘how to’ manual to help aspiring cooks grasp the basic principles of recipes. Once these are perfected, variations on these recipes can be produced.

Having over 50 years hands-on experience, Rosalind has tried, tested and honed these to easy-to-follow recipes which are both enjoyable and effortless.  With thorough method guidance and thoughtful tips, such as weighing all ingredients before starting and reading the recipe through from start to finish before beginning, making it all the more easy and enjoyable.  Similarly throughout the book, Rosalind communicates the importance of following recipes precisely e.g chapter 8, Cakes “Whereas bread-making does not need to be so precise, cake-making does.  Recipes have to be followed exactly and techniques and quantities followed to the letter.”

Sustainability remains at the heart of Rosalind’s philosophy whether it’s sourcing, saving energy or water and this is apparent in the pages of handbook.

Born in South Africa, Rosalind began teaching cookery classes in Johannesburg in the 1960’s before moving to London to teach and subsequently launching Cookery School at Little Portland Street in 2003.

Family, home and tradition lie at the heart of the book as does her mother’s cooking inspiration.  For years Rosalind spent holidays expanding her food and ingredient knowledge travelling around countries with her most memorable time being a long weekend in Paris.  Meticulous about sourcing and working with quality ingredients, Rosalind’s knowledge of food and cookery is wholeheartedly expressed through the pages of the new handbook.

With thousands of students having visited Cookery School over the years and with many returning to squeeze in another class or course, Rosalind’s approach to cooking and recipes remains classic, whilst the food scene in London is ever evolving.

You can buy the book here.

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