Cooking Classes

Working in your own kitchen with kitchen equipment with which you are familiar, you will be able to acquire new skills required to produce a range of different dishes.

• Lessons are between one to three hours and you will produce a good deal of food to be able to share with friends and family after the class has been finished.

• In many cases you will produce a few meals that can be fridged or frozen to enjoy at a later date.

• When at Cookery School you would  taste all that has been cooked and enjoy a meal yourself but not have one to share with those at home.

• Online classes will always be interactive as we believe that that is the only way to learn properly.

• Whilst cooking along, you will be able to ask questions so that we can address any difficulties that you may encounter.

• We have priced the classes so that you can enjoy excellent Cookery School teaching from one of our team members but at a lower price than if in our kitchens.

• We have made allowance too for the cost of ingredients that you will need to acquire yourself before the class.

• Before each class we will send out a Zoom link as well as a shopping list to make shopping as easy as possible for you.

• All recipes to be covered in the lesson will be sent out at the same time too.

• We will advise of any pre lesson preparation that needs to be done as well as equipment that you will need for your class.




At the moment we do not have the exact class that you are looking for. Why not take a look at all of our upcoming classes, and see if something inspires you.