italian cooking class

Enjoy a day discovering the staples of Italian cooking: learn to make pasta, risotto & gnocchi. In this Italian cooking class you will learn how to make pasta dough from scratch, use a pasta machine and make, shape and use fresh pasta. You will also learn to make the lightest potato gnocchi and ricotta gnocchi plus a fantastic risotto. Once you have learned to make one good risotto, you can make any risotto so it is an excellent staple to learn.

On arrival you will be welcomed with a Cookery School baked breakfast and at the end of the class you will enjoy your food with a glass or two of organic wine.


You will learn to make:

  • Spinach and ricotta ravioli served with a rich tomato sauce
  • tagliatelle with homemade pesto
  • potato gnocchi with sage butter
  • ricotta gnocchi with a mushroom sauce
  • butternut squash risotto
  • vegetable lasagne
  • classic meat lasagne


Upcoming Classes

  • At Cookery School London
    near Oxford Circus
  • Monday 24 June 2019
  • 9am - 4pm


  • Monday 30 September 2019
  • 9am - 4pm