Understand your egg whites and make delicate meringues and macarons. This session is devoted to teaching you how to make perfect meringues and macarons and a variety of fillings for them. You will take home the macarons you have made.

This class can be taken as an individual class but is also part of our Ultimate Baking Course so if you would like to take the whole course, then have a look at dates HERE.

You Will Learn To Make

  • mini piped meringues
  • meringues to be used in a Mont Blanc
  • chocolate macarons with a ganache filling
  • other macarons of choice with a butter cream filling


Upcoming Classes

  • At Cookery School London
    near Oxford Circus
  • Tuesday 21 May 2019
  • 6.30pm - 9.30pm


  • Monday 15 July 2019
  • 6.30pm - 9.30pm