Class Diary: French Breakfast Pastries


13-year-old Marly Tashmina recently participated in our French breakfast pastries class, where she made croissants and a variety of other treats. She reveals what she learnt. 

This was my fourth class here. I was very excited as I had never made any croissants or French pastries ever before.

When I arrived, there was a really nice atmosphere. We had some drinks and delicious food. The chef was incredibly inviting and started by introducing the ingredients that we would be using. They were all free range and organic, ensuring that our cooking was sustainable. I don’t think that any other cooking schools emphasise this as much as here.

We started by comparing the basic ingredients of croissant and brioche dough to understand what gave them their unique taste and texture. We prepared the dough for the brioche and set it aside to prove. Whilst the dough did its work, we worked with the croissant dough. We made different types, including what is called the ‘book fold’, with lots of delicious and buttery layers! I also learnt how to make confectioners custard. I’ve always wanted to learn to make this and was shocked at how easy and fun it was to do.

After we had finished making the pastries, we had them with some coffee and hot chocolate. They were so delicious and tasted as if they had had just come out of a bakery in France!

During the course, we learnt a lot of things around cooking, including ways in which we can reduce food waste. To do this, we put the extra croissant dough in a loaf tin and baked it like bread. We were also able to make our own dough, which we then folded and took home. A few days later, I made my own croissants. They turned out really well! I’m so pleased to know that making croissants are not as scary as I thought! I’m looking forward to making them again this summer as now, I have enough confidence to know I can make them on my own.

Want to make croissants like Marly? Join us on our next French breakfast pastry class. 


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