BRAND NEW CLASS: We’re tackling food waste!

Waste Not Want Not

We’re proud to announce the launch of our  ‘Waste Matters’ class which teaches people how to reduce waste in the kitchen, in light of the 7.3 million tonnes of food wasted in the UK annually. *

The class launches in September and covers how to use food which may be deemed waste but is perfectly edible.  You will learn how to repurpose leftovers and be more sustainable in the kitchen. The classes will demonstrate not only recipes from popular ‘to be binned’ ingredients but also how to recycle ingredients, what to do with leftovers and using alternatives to cling-film, minimising waste, water and eco-friendly cleaning materials.

Methane, the gas given off from rotting food, is 23 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.  Many people worry about their carbon footprint without realising how much impact methane gas has.  Our aim is to help people reduce their food waste, thereby reducing greenhouse gases.

We’re proud to be the only London cookery school to be awarded the maximum 3 stars for sustainability from the SRA, for the past 4 years and take matters of the environment very seriously.

Rosalind Rathouse, the founder of Cookery School at Little Portland Street commented:

“We’re concerned about the exorbitant amount of food that goes to waste in the UK so we ran a survey to our database asking what their biggest source of waste is. Using the findings from the survey, we have created a class dedicated to the browning banana, the surplus potatoes and other bits and pieces people find themselves throwing away at the end of the week. We want to teach clever, easy and creative ways to use up these ingredients to make tasty dishes whilst reducing food waste.”

Key findings from a survey we recently asked our database, included half of respondents admitting not to using stalks or peelings, as well as confessing to bagged salad, potatoes, pasta, bread, fresh herbs and milk regularly being thrown away.

Recipes included in the class are:

-savoury bread and butter pudding

-potato cakes using leftover potatoes, cheese and other savoury odds and ends

-bottom of the fridge soup – a delicious soup containing every decent morsel of food in the fridge

-baked crispy vegetables – using every part of the veg including stalks

-crispy pasta bake – using cheese and tomato sauces

-vegetable stock – using leftover peelings

-sweet bread and butter pudding treat

-best ever banana bread – using up over ripe bananas  – the riper the bananas, the better the bread


The Waste Matters class is £125.00 per person. View more.


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