The Cookery School Journal

What’s Cooking in the UK?

Organic September & Sourdough September

Zero Waste Week: Tips to take forward

Apple Crumble

RECIPE: Autumnal Apple Crumble

Austrian Strudel

New Austrian Strudel Masterclass

Breakfast at Heath Street Bakehouse


Why eat organic ingredients?

midsummer corporate events

Midsummer Corporate Events

Cupboards full of chemicals? Avoiding the Additives

Have we reached an all time sugar high?

RECIPE : Spanakopita

Summer Holiday Cooking and Eating

Celebrating Summer Food

RECIPE: Mushroom Pate

Last Week in the Kitchen

RECIPE: Fruit Tart with Fresh Strawberries

meal prep

Five top tips for meal prep

Cook more and cut back on plastic

Picnic basket

Time for a Perfect Picnic

Recipes for Picnics

RECIPE: Vegan Gingerbread Men

Education, Education, Education (fun, fun, fun)

Eating for two (us and the planet)

chicken tikka

Simple Family-Friendly Half Term Recipes

Let’s Fire Up the Barbecue

RECIPE: Pomegranate Molasses Dressing

Supplier Spotlight: Q&A with Vintage Roots

Cook together as a team and enjoy a most memorable summer party

Cream of the crop: National Vegetarian Week

A Healthy Vegetarian bake, prepared at the Cookery School in London

National Vegetarian Week: Helping the planet through your plate


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