Become a Professional Cook in 2023

Cook's Certificate graduate

Turn your passion into a new career in food


Make 2023 your year and become a professional cook! With the start of 2023 heralding new beginnings, now could be the time to turn your love of food into a new career. The role of a cook or chef comes in all shapes and sizes but ultimately it’s a creative passion, whether you’re a baker, a patisserie chef, a commis in a Michelin star restaurant, a café owner, on a gap year, gardening leave or a seasonal cook.

Cookery School’s Cook’s Certificate in Food and Wine is a full-time six-week programme, ideal for anyone who wants to develop their existing skills and repertoire or gain professional chef training. The course is designed to help you master a vast range of cookery skills and develop your culinary confidence.

“Ten years ago we launched our Cook’s Certificate offering an intensive programme for people looking to work in the food industry. The course is based on culinary education and a solid teaching of cooking principles. It covers ingredient sourcing, meal planning, menu writing, budgeting, sustainability and a raft of different culinary techniques,” said our founder Rosalind Rathouse.

Some of the topics covered are knife skills, preserving, breadmaking, cakes and pastry making, soups and stews, sweet and savoury sauces and chocolate making. You will also learn to master a raft of world cuisines from pasta, risotto and gnocchi, Spanish and Middle Eastern through to Chinese, Indian and Thai.

“Before I enrolled in Cook’s Certificate Course, I was an absolute 0 in cooking, I just didn’t even know anything about cooking, not even the basic things.I can now proudly say that I know mostly about cooking! And I’m confident enough to cook for my family and friends, and hopefully build my own restaurant one day!”  Metha, Cook’s Certificate alumnus


Our next Professional Cook’s Certificate course starts March 2023, find out more here.