A Recipe For Success

A recipe is like a strategy. It’s the how you will do the thing you’re doing, or in the case of cooking, it’s how you will make the thing you’re making. It has directions and a clearly defined input and output. It also has an anticipated outcome that can easily be measured – both qualitatively and quantitatively.

When teams collaborate to deliver on a strategy, there is responsibility, accountability, delegation, and deliverables required to achieve the result. The same teamwork applies when working together in a kitchen to prepare a meal. All the ingredients in the recipe must come together and work beautifully as one. Communication and checking in with each other along the process – timings, needs, next steps – is necessary.

This is why a team away day with Cookery School is a fantastic way to build and learn new skills, while also having plenty of fun and tasting the final product! Here are some more benefits* of including team building away days into your learning & development programme:

-Defined objectives and goals

-Improves processes and procedures

-Improves organisational productivity

-Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses

-Improves the ability to problem solve

-Improves morale and leadership skills

If you believe your team could benefit from a day of training, bonding, and learning a new skill together, contact us to discuss your needs and we will curate an experience that fits the brief!

*Source: The Team Building Directory