6 Reasons to Book a Corporate Away Day

Team building activities and away-days tend to be unfairly weighted toward Christmas time when the office is ready to go off-site for a bit of a jolly. But just like puppies, team building events are not just for Christmas!

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities where some bonding time is just the ticket to keep your teams, clients and business happy and productive. Here are 6 reasons we’ve come up with:

Leftover budget – Have budget leftover at end of the fiscal year? As they say, use it or lose it! Invest it in your team, and score some L&D points while you’re at it! Sure, go-karting is fun, but learning a new skill and working together – while also eating and having a glass of wine or beer together – can tick all the right boxes with the powers-that-be and receive that all important sign off!

Reward / Incentive – Targets met? Great quarter? End-of-year success? An away-day can be a great way to celebrate hard work and recognise and reinforce great team efforts.

New leadership team: Any time leadership changes, the ripples can be felt across an entire company. Use this as a time to bring your management team together to bond before strategic planning; or bring your juniors in to mingle with senior managers to talk about the future of the company in a barrier-free, collaborative environment.

Team integration: Large organisations going through change may need to bring teams together that previously didn’t exist to work together. Use this time to get to know your colleagues to foster empathy and teamwork.

New business win: Bring your account delivery team and new client together as an ice breaker. It builds relationships and celebrates your new partnership.

Face time with remote workers: Today’s global workforce and flexible work policies means teams may never step foot in the same office. Getting to know your colleagues IRL can unlock all sorts of potential.

If this post has inspired you, give our team a call and brief them on your needs or have a look at our corporate cookery events online for further inspiration!