sushi making class

Join Japanese food expert and writer, Kimiko Barber, to master the secrets of sushi making at home.

In Japan, sushi can take years to master but Kimiko will take you through sushi that can be easily made at home for friends and family without years of apprenticeship.

After a Japanese welcome snack and introduction you will learn the all important starting point of making sushi Рcooking and seasoning the rice Рbefore learning to make a shape a variety of fish and vegetarian sushi. You will sit down at the end of the class to enjoy a sushi feast with a glass of sake around the Cookery School table.

You Will Learn To Make:

  • Scattered sushi
  • Oshi-zushi (Pressed sushi)
  • Te-maki-zushi (Hand-rolled sushi)
  • Hoso-maki (Thin roll sushi)
  • Ura-maki (inside out roll)
  • Temari zushi (handball sushi)


Class Snapshot

  • Hands on experience
  • Forming a variety of shapes of sushi
  • Rice cooking
  • Knife skills
  • Expert teaching and advice, using standard home kitchen equipment
  • Leave with the knowledge and understanding to make the delicious recipes at home
  • You will use sustainably sourced, high quality, organic ingredients
  • No washing up - we take care of that for you!